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Otto Bock Tech Tip: Pairing the (4X250) remote control with a Compact Knee 

Otto Bock Healthcare


March 2009
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The Tech Bulletin is designed to quickly and easily provide useful information regarding Otto Bock products and services. In this issue, we will focus on pairing the remote control (4X250) with a Compact® Knee.


When you first use the 4X250 remote for the Compact® Knee, it will need to be paired with the knee. A paper clip works well to accomplish this task.
Given that only one joint should be paired with a remote control, it must be ensured that no other joint is within 3 meters during the pairing.



Looking at the face of the remote, you will notice there is a small hole at the top of the remote. Holding the remote at least 12 to 18 inches away and no more than 3 feet away from the knee, insert the paper clip into the hole and you will feel a button. Apply slight pressure and hold the button down until you hear 5 beeps indicating that the remote is now paired to the knee.


Please contact our Product Support Specialty Team at 800.328.4058 with any questions.



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