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Providence Nighttime Scoliosis Brace 

Providence Scoliosis Orthosis
The Providence Scoliosis brace system is designed to be worn at nighttime.  It has been reported that wearing compliance by adolescents being treated for scoliosis is considerably higher than those treated with daytime bracing systems.


This bracing system offers a double curve design which provides an overlapping three-point pressure system approach.  This helps to control double curves and allows for treatment of apices as high as T6.  It is also very effective for lumbar and thoraco-lumbar curves.


Specific measurements are taken for fabrication of the brace.  The brace is made of custom molded plastic material incorporating a soft liner for comfort..




Your physician will determine the appropriate wearing protocol, but it is recommended that the Providence brace be worn at nighttime every night of the week for at least 8 hours.. 




§          Normally, written instructions will be provided by your Orthotist.

§          While in the supine position (lying down on back), spread the brace enough to slip into the orthosis.

§          Tighten the middle strap on the orthosis first and then either the top or the bottom strap.




§          Use alcohol on liner every day to remove odor inside brace.

§          Use alcohol on areas of skin that may involve irritation.




§          Wearing a clean cotton shirt under brace will help with odor and skin issues. 

§          Your physician and orthotist will give specific instructions as to wearing time and follow-up

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