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IPC Exhibition Coming to Whistler 

Steffi Klein -

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is proud to announce that it will have a special exhibition about the Paralympic Movement during the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games.


Titled “Spirit in Motion – Discover What Moves Us”, the IPC Exhibition will be placed in the middle of Whistler, and is supported by IPC Worldwide Partner Otto Bock. The aim of the interactive exhibition is to provide all visitors with information about the Paralympic Movement and Paralympic Games History, including specific details on sports, athletes’ stories and background knowledge on technology. The IPC Exhibition will also give visitors the chance to test out Ice Sledge Hockey.


Close to 600 athletes from 64 different countries will be competing for medals at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in five Paralympic sports, including Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Sledge Hockey and Wheelchair Curling.


Said IPC President Sir Philip Craven: “"The Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games not only bring the spirit of our athletes to light, they also show the tremendous progress of our Movement. After visiting the IPC Exhibition, I hope you will have discovered what moves us in each display and in every piece of information, and that together it provides you with an unforgettable preview into the exciting future of Paralympic Sport!"


Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Otto Bock, Professor Hans Georg Naeder, said that both the IPC and Otto Bock thought it would be a positive experience for the Games and visitors. “We are always happy to open up a dialogue on the subject of disability. It is a great honour for us to bring in our expertise and experience made at the Otto Bock Science Centre in Berlin. The Paralympic Spirit is part of the values of our company,” Professor Naeder said.


The IPC Exhibition will be housed in a 120 square metre “Snow-Dome”. Included in the exhibition will be an extensive timeline, which will illustrate the Paralympic Movement since its beginning in 1948. The exhibition will also have prostheses and wheelchairs on display, as well as the aforementioned opportunity to sit and play in an original sledge manufactured by Otto Bock Healthcare. Before leaving the Snow-Dome, visitors will also have the chance to enjoy the Paralympic Lounge, with film clips showing past Games.


At night, the outside of the Snow-Dome will be illuminated via light technology with quotes and phrases from successful athletes, giving visitors an enchanting evening experience.


The IPC is planning to use the exhibition in the future with any interested sponsors or partners, in order to further education on the Paralympic Movement.


For more information about the IPC Exhibition “Spirit in Motion – Discover What Moves Us” in Whistler, please contact IPC Media & Communications Senior Manager Steffi Klein at or +49-228-2097-230.


For more information about the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, please visit

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