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Bioness vs the Walkaide 


I have now been fully trained in both the Bioness L300 and the Walkaide unit that treat drop foot due to upper motor neuron injuries.  I must say that both products have their pros and cons and have proven to be quite effective.  I have evaluated over 75 patients and have become quite familiar when someone is a candidate by simply speaking with them over the phone.  There are obvious indications and contraindications that can be determined in a simple conversation.  If there is an unknown, it is simple to detect whether a patient is a candidate by utilizing a mini-stimulator.  At that time, the patient can be set up and programmed with either unit within minutes.  Patient's have been finding this new technology a more convenient route than traditional ankle foot orthoses if they are a candidate.  Imagine not having to walk with a brace inside your shoe and allowed the freedom to wear any style of shoes you want.  Search this site for more in depth articles and news regarding both units and definitely schedule an appointment with a qualified orthotist to determine your candidacy if you are in need.

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