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E-MAG Active


  • Stance Control helps users achieve a more natural gait, thereby reducing compensatory movements that can lead to degenerative conditions
  • Gyroscope monitors the orientation of the user’s limb (whether it is at heel off, heel strike, etc.).
  • Simple calibration allows the orthosis to customize the locking/unlocking feature during the fitting process
  • Manual locking/unlocking function makes it easy for users to operate
  • Allows you to fit whichever ankle joint you prefer onto your patient’s KAFO
  • Does not require minimum ankle range of motion to achieve stance control function
  • Accommodates up to 15° knee flexion contracture in conjunction with dorsal stop at ankle

Additional information:

Take a Step in the Right Direction


Easy for practitioners to calibrate, even easier for patients to use, the integrated, low-profile joint of the E-MAG Active KAFO provides the best in electronic stance control to help your patient live a more active lifestyle. The stance control function will remain locked during weight bearing, then unlocks for swing phase. It simplifies gait training and allows for varied cadence to help meet your patient’s specific needs.Calibrating the E-MAG Active is simple, and it is just as simple to recaliabrate if your patient's needs should change over time.

With no linkage or sensors below the knee, the E-MAG Active is the perfect solution for those patients who have limited ankle function or who would normally wear a locked KAFO—and it even accommodates a joint contracture of up to 15°. 





  • Ideal for patients with paralysis/paresis of the knee extensors
  • Hip extensors and flexors muscle strength grade 3 – 5
  • Accommodates up to 15° genuvarum/valgum. Patient must generate extension moment in
  • terminal stance.
  • Weight up to 187 lbs / 85 kg
  • Clear understanding and ability to operate the joint





  • Spasticity
  • Knee flexion contracture greater than 15°
  • Hip flexors and extensors strength <3





The 17B202 E-MAG Active Electronic Joint System includes the following:

  • E-MAG Active knee joint (select a flexion angle of 5°, 7.5° or 10° when ordering)
  • Battery unit with frame (1) Electronic unit with frame (1)
  • Battery charger (1) Lamination dummies (4)
  • A medial joint is required when fitting the E-MAG Active. Order the medial joint, sidebars, ankle joints and foot plate separately.





The E-MAG Active joint includes a two-year limited warranty as described in the Instructions for Use.

Qualification and Ordering Information
Our online training makes it quick and easy for you to meet the qualification requirements for fitting the E-MAG Active. Visit http://academy.ottobockus.com/courses/e-learning.aspx or contact your local Sales Representative at 800.328.4058 to find out more.


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