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C Leg (In Use) C Leg (Product View)

Otto Bock



Additional information:

The Standard of Care—for 10 years!


The C-Leg® Microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee started a revolution for above‑knee amputees.


Since it was introduced in the U.S. in 1999, more than 25,000 people worldwide have taken advantage of the unparalleled stability offered by the C-Leg and its companion microprocessor‑controlled knee, the Compact—making this technology the new Standard of Care.


C-Leg technology incorporates sensor feedback and microprocessor control, which allow the knee to adjust to your unique gait and provide you with secure, reliable walking.


With the C-Leg or Compact, you can walk confidently—without having to think about your next step.



Stability right when you need it


With the C-Leg® and Compact knees you can speed up, slow down, take on hills and go down stairs step-over-step. You get unparalleled stability right when you need it—along with a secure, more natural gait.



How C-Leg technology works


The revolutionary microprocessor that controls the C-Leg and Compact knees receives feedback from multiple sensors multiple times a second, allowing the knee to anticipate your next move and make adjustments in real-time. This keeps your knee stable when you need it, free-swinging when you step through—and always ready to support you if you stumble.


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