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Power Knee (Action View) Power Knee (Action View) Power Knee (Action View)


Power Knee


  • Unilateral transfemoral amputees.
  • Moderate to active users.
  • Well-fitting well-suspended socket.
  • Patient weight range: 135 - 220 lbs / 60 - 100kg.
  • Knee Center to ground 17" / 43,5cm.

Additional information:



The world's first powered bionic prosthesis for above-knee amputees, the POWER KNEE offers unprecedented levels of functionality and performance.


This bionic knee replaces true muscle activity to bend and straighten the knee as required. Working as an integrated extension of its user, it synchronizes motion with that of the sound leg. When walking on level ground, the user is gently propelled forward, allowing greater distances to be covered without becoming as tired as before. On stairs and inclines the knee actively lifts the user up the next step, producing a secure and natural ascent, foot over foot. 



Product Highlights:


Powered stance - by replacing concentric muscle activity of the quadriceps, the POWER KNEE can lift the user when standing from a seated position; support the user while ascending inclines; and power them up stairs.


Powered swing extension - with an active pendulum motion, swinging forward when the user walks, the POWER KNEE restores walking dynamics during each step; propels the user forward; and enhances pelvic rotation for a more natural gait.


Active heel rise and knee flexion - on level ground as well as on changing terrain, the POWER KNEE actively lifts the heel off the ground. The result is sufficient toe clearance during swing which prevents stumbling and improves user safety.


Artificial proprioception - the POWER KNEE anticipates and responds with the appropriate function required for the next prosthetic step; and monitors gait symmetry to stimulate highly efficient gait.

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