Miami J (Product View)

Miami J (Product View)


Miami J


  • C-Spine precaution for trauma patients.
  • Immobilization for pre and post c-spine surgery.
  • Degenerative disorders.
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis

Additional information:

Miami J®


Demonstrated by multiple studies to be the superior immobilizer on the market, the patented Miami J® Collar features a phenotype-driven sizing system that simplifies size selection, with 6 unique front and back components that are engineered to work optimally together for various anatomies.


Product Highlights

A phenotype-driven sizing system — with unique fronts and backs that are bioengineered to work together for superior immobilization — makes size selection simple, while drastically reducing the margin of error in fitting a patient.

Adjustable mandibular and occipital support enables customization to disburse pressure and avoid skin breakdown.

Sorbatex™ pads that are specifically engineered to be anti-decubitus — protecting skin integrity during extended wear — and are removable for easy cleaning.

Sternal Pad disburses pressure and is removable for comfort and improved compliance when supine and/or swallowing.

Patient Assist Strap allows for flexibility and comfort without sacrificing immobilization.

Latex-free and compatible with all imaging modalities.


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