PushValve 21Y14 (Product View)

PushValve 21Y14 (Product View)

Otto Bock

PushValve 21Y14


  • Unique threadless design makes it quick and easy for patients to get a secure fit
  • The design eliminates the ‘twist or screw’ movement and thereby avoids cross-threading or over tightening!
  • The PushValve provides a larger clip to easily grasp when the patient is ready to release the valve
  • It’s great for people with transfemoral amputations.

Additional information:

With the PushValve it will be easier for your patients to create secure hold and thereby enhanced proprioception. On the one hand, this is due to the threadless design that prevents cross-threading and over-tightening. On the other hand, opening and closing the valve is significantly facilitated by two levers that are pressed together. For closing the valve, you just have to press the upper part of the valve into the base part. A clicking sound informs you when the valve has locked in place. These characteristics make the PushValve particularly well suited for your geriatric patients and for other patients with restricted finger function. The PushValve is to be used in transfemoral prostheses. 

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