Surgical removal of female breast.


Towards the center line, middle.


Bones in the middle of the hand.

Metal band

Material used to attach the side bars of a brace. Usually are used to provide stability and strength to orthosis.


Bones in the middle of the foot.

Mid stance

When the foot is flat on the foor during walking.

Mid swing

When the foot is in the middle part of swing through during walking.


Type of brace that treats scoliosis.

m-l instability

Lack of support in a side to side movement of a joint.


Process of manipulating plaster or foam into a desired shape.

Modular III ™

Carbonfibre energy storing/returning prosthetic foot allowing also for in/eversion.

Monocentric joint

Single axis joint.

Motor nerve

Nerves sending impulses and stimulating muscle contraction.


Mid Patella Tendon - The soft tendon located just under the knee cap.


Medial Tibial Plateau - located just on the inside of the lower leg below the knee.


Joint that can move into many different angles (planta/dorsiflexion and in/eversion).

Multiple sclerosis

Disease marked by hardened tissue in brain or spinal cord.

Muscular dystrophy

Hereditary disease, progressive wasting of muscle tissue.

Myodesis Procedure

"performed during an amputation, by sewing the opposing bundles of cut muscle tissue to small holes drilled into the end of the bone of the residual limb. Adds to performance of the muscles since it is a more secure attachment for the muscles to act on and also helps to prevent future atrophy. "


Pertaining to muscle electricity.

Myoelectric impulse

Neural electric impulse stimulating muscle contraction.

Myoelectric prosthesis

Is a electrically controlled prosthesis that uses electrodes mounted within the socket to receive electrical signals from the muscle contraction to control a motor in the terminal device, wrist rotator or elbow, there are different types.

Myoplasty Procedure

Performed during an amputation, by connecting the opposing bundles of cut muscle tissue together. It adds good protection to the end of the cut bone and to prevent future atrophy.

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