Sacroiliac joint

Joints between sacrum and pelvis.

Sacroiliac Orthosis

Lumbo-Sacral-Pelvic Orthosis.

SACH foot

Solid ankle cushion heel.

Sagittal plane

Pertaining to the side of.. Observes flexion and extrension.


Lateral, or outward, curvature of the spine in the thoracic and/or lumbar regions.


Shoulder Elbow Orthosis.


Shoulder Elbow Hand Wrist Hand Orthosis.


Shoulder Elbow Hand Wrist Orthosis.


Type of sock used directly against the skin to cut down on friction when wearing a prosthesis.

Shock absorber

Component used on a prosthesis that reduces vertical impact forces.

Shoe insert

Foot orthosis, arch support.

Shoulder elevation

A movement used to control an upper extremity prosthsis tounlock/lock the elbow. Raising the shoulder.


Term used to describe when an extremity or residual limb loses muscle mass or volume.


Type of compression garment to reduce the edema in a residual limb.

Shuttle lock

Locking mechanism used in a prosthesis to keep the liner locked in the socket so the prosthsis does not fall off the extremity.

Silesian belt

Strap the wraps around the waist to keep/aide suspension in a prosthesis.


Chemical material with rubber-like mechanical properties.

Silicone liner

Liner with suspension- or soft tissue replacement properties.

Silicone suspension sleeve

A device supporting or providing TT-socket suspension.

Single axis (or uniaxial) foot

Prosthetic foot featuring plantar-dorsiflexion axis only.

Single axis joint

Orthotic, prosthetic joints featuring one (transverse) axis only.


Sacroiliac Orthosis.


Prosthetic "container" for a residual limb or stump.

Solid ankle foot orthosis

Ankle foot orthosis that keeps the ankle in 90 degrees.

Sound side leg

Non-Amputated side/limb.



Spina bifida

Paralysis caused by congenital defect of the spinal column.

Spinal cord injury

Paralysis caused by trauma or disease disturbing the spinal cord.

Spinal orthosis

Brace used to support the back.

Split Hooks

Terminal devices with two hook-shaped fingers operated through the action of harness and cable systems.


Inflammation of the vertebrae.


Sliding of vertebra with incomplete intervertebral arch.


Act of standing.

Stance phase

Phase of walking while the foot is in contact with the ground.

Stance phase control

Prosthetic device controlling knee flexion.

Static alignment

Setting up a prosthesis in a predetermined alignment that does not specifically pertain to the end user.


Term used to describe the remaining limb after an amputation.

Stump care

Care and hygiene of the residual limb.

Stump shrinker

Type of compression garment to reduce the edema in a residual limb.

Stump sock

A sock knitted to fit the shape of the residual limb worn inside the socket. The sock reduces the friction between the residual limb and the socket and replaces lost volume in the socket due to shrinking of the residual limb.


Term used to desribe a cerebro-vascular accident. The cause is from lack of blood to the brain due to blocked vessel.

Suction chamber

Distal space in a prosthetic socket serving as (low-pressure) chamber (uncommon today!).

Suction socket

Prosthetic socket, suspension supported by vacuum.


Movement of the hand. Palm of the hand facing down toward the ground and then turning the palm upward.


Laying on your back.

Supra condylar

Above the condyles.

Suspension sleeve

Fabric used to hold the prosthesis onto the leg. Also used to keep air from getting into socket.(Suction).


When an incision is closed by the doctor, sutures are used to sew the cut closed.

Swedish knee cage

Knee orthosis for hyperextended knee joint.

swing phase

The phase of walking when the foot is not in contact with the ground.

Swing phase control

Mechanism used in a prosthesis that controls the swing of the knee joint by increasing or decreasing the speed.

Syme's amputation

An amputation level that is performed through the ankle joint.

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