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Colorado Teen Wins Otto Bock Socket Art Contest  

Otto Bock HealthCare

 13-year old credits the men and women of the U.S. military
as her inspiration

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Cali Overcast of Fountain, Colorado, was only four years old when the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place, but she’s never forgotten the impact it had on her young life.

“I remember how bad I felt that all of those people had died and gotten hurt, so from then on I decided to support our country and the men and women fighting to protect it,” said Cali. “My first leg brace I got later that year, I put an American flag on it.”

As Cali explains in her winning Otto Bock Socket Art Contest essay, she was born with a type of dwarfism called Ollier’s that affected the growth of her left leg and has so far required fourteen surgeries. She’s also survived spinal meningitis, but a staph infection (MRSA) required the amputation of her leg when she was just nine years old.

“When I woke up, I remember how I thought about how was I going to deal with this, how kids were going to accept me, if I could have a normal life and be accepted. Then I remembered something my Mom always told me, that there is always someone dealing with something worse. My first thought was the soldiers and how some of them were getting their arms and legs blown off by bombs and being shot at constantly.”

Cali’s winning socket art has a camouflage background and military logos on the front and a red, white and blue eagle below. Her description continues:
“On one side it has Bravery on the top because the military has to be very brave to do what they do, then a butterfly for all of the troops we have lost. Below that is Love, I love the soldiers and they have to love their country to give their life for it and to protect it. On the other side there is a support ribbon, below that is a guardian angel, because the troops are our guardian angels for protecting us and keeping our country free, but they also need guardian angels to protect them. Below that is Protect, the troops protect us. Last, the back is dedicated to my brother, Virgil Scott Bonner, he is a Marine and currently stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC.”

In addition to showing her constant support and gratitude for the military through her socket art, Cali also dedicates her time to talking to wounded service members and speaking at benefit fundraisers for them. Her hope is that sharing her experiences of life after limb loss inspires them during their recovery.

“We are certainly inspired by this young girl’s dedication to a cause close to her heart and how she uses her socket art to reflect that intense commitment,” said Karen Lundquist, Director of Corporate Communications for Otto Bock HealthCare. “Also impressive is her ability at such a young age to be able to put aside the challenges of her own continuing medical issues and focus instead on helping others, and we are proud to name her our Socket Art Contest winner.”

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