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Caring for Your Urethane Liner 

Otto Bock

 Caring for Your Urethane Liner

We've received numerous questions about the care and donning of Urethane liners recently. Here are a few tips to get longer life and more comfortable wear from your liner.


Caring for your skin

Your skin is the most important 'element' in your prosthetic system. Check your limb every time you use and remove the liner. We recommend applying Sensi-Care lotion to your limb before each use.


Caring for your liner

At least once a day (such as right before you go to bed), carefully examine your liner for tears or abrasions. If you find any wear notify your prosthetist.  Wash your liner with a non-allergenic, alcohol free soap and rinse well.


 After washing the liner, pat dry with a towel.


Donning your Liner

Turn your liner inside out so that it is 'inverted'.

Spray a small amount of water and soap on the inside of the inverted liner (which is actually the exterior face) and rub the liner walls together to spread it around. This lubricant will make it much easier to apply the liner, since the exterior face will slide easily against itself.


Line up the front of the liner with the front of your limb. Place the inverted liner snugly onto the end of your limb, then slightly bend your knee and gently roll it on.


Remove any air pockets by sliding your hands from the bottom of the liner to the top a few times to burp out any trapped air.


It's important that there are no foreign materials, such as a Band-Aid, between your limb and the liner, because these can alter the intimate fit of the liner.


Don't use alcohol or any lotions or soaps that contain alcohol on your skin or the liner, because they can degrade the liner and make it tacky.

Those are just a few tips to keep your skin healthy and the liner functioning properly.



Please contact our Product Support Specialty Team at 800.328.4058 with any questions.

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