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Otto Bock Introduces Flex and Trimable Designs to the WalkOn® Portfolio of AFOs  

Otto Bock HealthCare

Trace, Trim and Walk Away!

Otto Bock HealthCare, a leading innovator in carbon fiber technology in prosthetics and orthotics, is now expanding its WalkOn AFO portfolio to include two trimable options. 
“We are committed to commercializing products that help patients walk as naturally as possible,” says Brad Ruhl, President & CEO of Otto Bock HealthCare U.S.  “The trimable feature of these new AFOs enables orthotists to provide a fast, but extremely high quality, customized solution to patients.”
In addition to quick customization, the Flex and Trimable WalkOn AFOs provide a symmetrical and fluid gait pattern with a natural heel strike and good energy return.  The Flex WalkOn provides the additional benefit of encouraging outward rotation of the foot during heel strike.
The WalkOn AFO was first introduced by Otto Bock as a lightweight, low profile and durable solution for patients requiring dorsiflexion support.  The unique posterior design also allows for significant plantar and dorsiflexion and makes it easier for patients to go up and down stairs or inclines.  A 2001 study found that patients wearing a WalkOn versus a standard carbon fiber AFO also exhibited better roll-over characteristics, and measurements showed that patients wearing the WalkOn were able to walk with patterns almost identical to natural, healthy gait patterns.

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