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Standing, Walking and Sitting Hip Orthosis (S.W.A.S.H. Brace) 

The S.W.A.S.H. brace system is a unique design for individuals who have sitting imbalance and a scissoring gait associated with cerebral palsy.  The brace design provides a variable abduction throughout extension and flexion.  The hip abduction provided is wide during sitting, but narrow when standing or walking.


There are two designs of the S.W.A.S.H. brace, one being the Classic which uses a plastic anterior overlap pelvic band extending from L2/3 to the distal margin of the sacrum and provides maximum pelvic support. 


The second design is the Low Profile S.W.A.S.H.  This design consists of a malleable spring steel iliac roll with silicone covering that rests just superior to the ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine), a double strap front closure and posterior, the padded metal frame extends from approximately L2/3 to S1/2.  The joints are tapered down to accommodate most walker types.  The thigh cuff closure is Velcro. 


Both designs use 8 mm in diameter uprights for added strength.


Your orthotist and physician will make the decision as to the proper design for the patient’s unique physical situation.




§          Cerebral Palsy

§          Spastic Diplegia

§          Spastic Quadriplegia

§          Spina Bifida

§          Postoperative Stabilization

§          Post-Botox




§          The brace is designed for sitting and standing to prevent hip abduction (crossing of legs).

§          Wearing protocol is determined by your physician and orthotist.  Daytime wear is usually the choice. 




§          Brace consists of pelvic section and two thigh bands.

§          When seated or lying down, apply pelvic section and tighten strap.

§          Spread legs and place in thigh cuffs and tighten straps.

§          Wear the orthosis under clothes to optimize hip alignment control.



§          Clean the metallic and plastic parts, foams and pads with a moistened cloth and then wipe with a dry cloth.

§          Do not immerse in water.  Do not use solvents.

§          Do not use grease as parts are self lubricating.

§          Wash the cloth components by hand in warm water.

§          Watch for any red marks that may appear.  The marks should disappear after 30 minutes out of brace.  If they do not, contact your orthotist.




§          Any adjustments should be made only by your Orthotist, physician or physical therapist.

§          Keep the orthosis away from heat sources.

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