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Darcy Enrille - Forging Ahead 

As Darcy Enrille struggled to recover from the tragic death of her older sister, she also faced a surprising diagnosis of her own: osteosarcoma, which is a rare bone disease that strikes about 900 people in the United States every year. This bone cancer is most commonly found in people between the ages of 10 and 30 and most often affects teenagers.

As her treatment options dwindled, Darcy decided to undergo amputation of her left leg above the knee. While strategizing her cancer treatment plans, undergoing prosthetic fittings, and continuing intensive physical therapy, Darcy attended the University of South Florida.

She graduated with a 3.56 GPA and majored in Mass Communications.

Darcy now successfully walks with a microprocessor above knee prosthetic limb and she is still battling cancer. Today, Darcy prepares to participate in an experimental osteosarcoma treatment study at Johns Hopkins University.

The goal now for Darcy is to raise awareness for osteosarcoma. “I’d like to think that’s why I have this cancer… this is the reason, the justification. I need to educate people about it, so we can find a cure. I never ask ‘why me’”. 


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