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Written by KyraJ Monday, May 3, 2010 3:18:20 PM
I found something interesting while sitting at home in front of the TV last night, Sunday night. Extreme Home Make-over filmed an episode about a family who adopted amputee children from Kazakhstan. The kids were absolutely adorable. There was... read more

Freezing in 2010 

Written by KyraJ Friday, January 8, 2010 10:18:18 AM
After a very relaxing holiday vacation(s) I am starting to get my butt in gear and set out on the road once again. Last week I was in Tallahassee and Southern Georgia. It was 9 degrees in Thomasville Georgia when I awoke on Tuesday morning. The... read more

It's a small world. 

Written by KyraJ Tuesday, November 17, 2009 11:07:53 AM
  From October 9th until October 17th my good friend, Alicia and I went to Italy. Being that I had never left the country, did not have anything tying me down, like a husband or children, plus the fact that I had a little bit of money saved,... read more

Welcome to my blog... 

Written by Wednesday, October 21, 2009 5:29:49 PM
Hello! My name is Kyra, and I am a new 360 O&P blogger. Being that I am the Southeastern prosthetic sales rep for Endolite; you can expect to read mostly about my travels throughout my territory, whats new in prosthetic technology, and ... read more
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