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OPTEC LSO / TLSO SALO are available in single opening and bivalve design. The SALO can be Prefabricated for same day shipment. The SALO can be used for patients of the general population, but is ideal for pediatric, geriatric and wheelchair bound patients requiring spinal stabilization and support.


The SALO is comprised of Plastic-Rigid foam-Soft foam. The outer layer of plastic ensures proper alignment of the spine. The in between layer of rigid foam adds stability and the inner soft foam provides your patient excellent padding and overall comfort. 


OPTEC possesses one of the largest spinal databases and physical libraries in the industry. We can manufacture your spinal orthosis utilizing the latest Cad/Cam technology which allows us to carve a mold nearly identical to your patient's measurement or scanned image* or by utilizing our extensive spinal library to secure a mold that can be modified to match your patient. Each individual orthosis is fabricated to the patient's unique measurements and your specifications, ensuring the very best fit, support, and comfort.

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