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Additional information:

SureStep Advanced AFO takes SureStep to a whole new level.

(Custom Fabricated from cast mold with measurements)
All the benefits of the SureStep SMO plus 
• Proximal strut to help reduce sagittal instabilities 
• Can easily be converted from AFO to SureStep SMO with simple 
• Discourages dorsiflexion and plantarflexion 
• Encourages independent standing 
• Reduces time between pull-to-stand and independent ambulation 
• Lightweight, low profile design easily fits into most existing footwear 
• Allow for better proprioception than traditional bracing

The SureStep Advanced AFO was developed for the younger hypotonic population. It is ideal for children who are ready to independently stand, but realize tri-planar instability and have difficulty in finding a stable midline position. TheSureStep Advanced employs the same unique concept of compression of the foot and ankle to manage and maintain a stable midline while allowing the foot to easily and stably travel in and out of midline.

This uniquely convertible system encourages children to transition between assisted standing and independent standing by stabilizing their feet and ankles without immobilizing them. As children progress toward ambulation, and a lower profile and increased movement is necessary, the SureStep Advanced can be quickly converted to a SureStep SMO and continue to serve the child with true dynamic control of the foot and ankle. The SureStep Advanced has eliminated the need for two pairs of orthoses for many children and are normally reimbursed through most insurance policies, Medicaid and other third party payors. 

•Triplanar instability in weight-bearing 
•Inability to maintain independent standing 
•Mild toe-walking 

Secondary indications:

• All the benefits of the SureStep SMO plus Genu recurvatum (see SureStep h.e.k.o.) 


•High tone 
•Severe toe-walking 

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