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A new generation of elbow joints has arrived with flexion controlled by an electric motor in combination with a unique vario drive. The DynamicArm 12K100 allows for quick, exact positioning of the hand with minimal energy expenditure and incorporates an innovative, high-performance drive with stepless gears that can lift loads up to 6 kg (13 lbs). The elbow also has a static holding capacity of 50 lbs (22 kg), and will slip if the weight limit is exceeded—without damaging the elbow.

Extremely fast signal transmission using the AXON-BUS® system, along with newly developed signal processing allow for more physiological movement. Thanks to Otto Bock’s DMC control concept, strength and speed can be controlled with natural ease. The integrated AFB (Automatic Forearm Balance) stores the energy released when the arm is lowered and helps lift it during flexion, allowing the arm to swing quietly and naturally while walking. Lithium Ion battery delivers reliable, high performance. The 12K100 is compatible with all Otto Bock quick disconnect terminal devices. All Otto Bock quick disconnect terminal devices are compatible with the DynamicArm. We recommend the SensorHand® Speed and Vario Greifer for the greatest user function. The DynamicArm also incorporates Bluetooth technology for programming and training without cords or cables.



Product Specifications


The 12K100 is available in two darker shades through special order. Minimum forearm length: 187 mm without rotator; 213 mm with rotator. Weight: 960 grams with battery installed.





To help you understand the unique functional characteristics of the Dynamic Arm, a complete 2 Day Certification Course is required. The practitioner is required to bring a patient, to benefit from hands-on application of the systems unique fitting requirements. Practitioners who successfully complete this training course will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be placed on our list of “Otto Bock Qualified Practitioners” making them eligible to purchase additional Dynamic Arms for other qualified patients. Purchase of a Dynamic Arm is required.


Call us at 800.328.4058 or visit our course calendar to schedule your training.

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