3R90 / 3R92 | Modular Knee Joints with Friction Brake

3R90 with mechanical extension assist. 3R92 with dual-chamber pneumatic system. Further advantages of the 3R90 and 3R92.

Otto Bock

3R90 / 3R92


  • Friction and wear are minimized through state-of-the-art bearing technology.
  • The brake mechanism has been further optimized resulting in a high degree of functional reliability and an extended life while also allowing for a broader range of adjustments.
  • A fresh appearance highlights the technical innovations.
  • 3R90, recommended for Otto Bock Mobility Grades 1 and 2.*
  • 3R92, recommended for Otto Bock Mobility Grades 2 and 3.*

Additional information:

Improved Technology and Fresh Design



Function and benefits


Both knee joints are equipped with an innovative, load-dependant brake mechanism. The brake mechanism engages when the heel is loaded. It stabilizes the prosthesis and achieves a high degree of security during the entire stance phase. The braking mechanism releases automatically when the forefoot is loaded, and the swing phase can be initiated easily and harmoniously. Unphysiological movements, such as hip hike are minimized with this system and this helps to create a more secure, harmonious gait.


* The Otto Bock MOBIS* mobility system is NOT intended to be used in the U.S.A. as a guide to obtaining reimbursement for prosthetic components.




3R90 with mechanical extension assist


The effect of the integrated extension assist can be regulated very easily by adjusting the tension of the spring . The setting can be engaged individually in five settings and increases or decreases the intensity of the extension assist.




3R92 with dual-chamber pneumatic system


The pneumatic swing phase control allows a significantly smoother gait for the user. The flexion and extension damping is individually and continuously adjustable to match individual requirements. In particular, users with Mobility Grades 2 and 3* will appreciate the smooth and energy-efficient functionality of the progressive pneumatic swing phase control.




Further advantages of the 3R90 and 3R92


Easy to align: The blue ring on the upper section makes alignment easier. The plumb line is simply placed at the outer ring of the disk allowing the recommended 15 mm posterior placement to be easily located without measuring.


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