Carbon Ankle Seven

Carbon Ankle Seven

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Carbon Ankle Seven


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The Carbon Ankle Seven gives patients an orthosis that returns more energy for walking and uniquely fits their natural movements. The carbon fiber ankle joint can be thermoformed into the AFO. It provides advanced energy return to help patients enjoy a more natural gait cycle.


Because it replaces traditional ankle joints, patients will appreciate that it is lighter and there is no abrupt stop in the movement of the high tech spring.



Features and Benefits


Manufactured from carbon fiber to provide energy return during the gait cycle.


Designed with seven degrees of outward rotation that is aligned with your patients' physiology.


Dynamic response to ground reaction forces helps provide a more natural gait.


Longer lever arm provides greater control over the foot than other carbon plates that do not extend fully beneath the foot
Avoids abrupt stopping that can occur with traditional ankle joints.


Lightweight material


For patients who weigh up to 220 lbs.



Patient Indications


The Carbon Ankle Seven is intended for patients who exhibit weak plantarflexion or have weak or absent quadriceps function due to conditions such as musculosclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy or spinal cord injuries.

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