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Otto Bock

MyoEnergy Integral


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The MyoEnergy Integral is a folding built-in battery with a flat charging receptacle for the exterior shaft. Its magnetic charging receptacle features an on / off function as well as an audible and visual feedback signal.


The MyoEnergy Integral is a folding battery for installation in upper extremity prostheses. Thanks to its flat, variable structural height, you can integrate the battery between the inner and outer socket in a very flexible, versatile manner. The corresponding 757L25 MyoEnergy Load charger is connected to the permanently installed charging receptacle of the built-in battery using a magnetic charging plug. Thanks to the special geometry of the charging plug and charging receptacle, they can only be connected in the correct position by your customer. The charging receptacle also features an on / off function as well as an audible and visual signal that provides the user with feedback regarding battery capacity and operation.





Two prismatic Li-Ion cells with a capacity of approximately 600 mAh, which are mounted side by side and connected by a hinge, are used for energy storage. This allows you to install the cells at any desired angle from folded to side by side. The hinge can also be removed so the cells can largely be positioned independently. The cells are connected to a very robust, flexible circuit board. Thanks to the elimination of all mechanical locking mechanisms, the charging receptacle installation can be extremely flat. This allows you to position the flat element almost anywhere in the prosthesis socket. The charging receptacle and charging plug are connected by a magnet during the battery charging process.



 Technical data
Article number MyoEnergy Integral Battery: 757B25=1
MyoLoad Integral Charger: 757L25=1
Battery type Lithium ion
Cell count 2
Capacity Approx. 600 mAh
Charging time (full charge) 2.5 h
Nominal voltage 7.4 V
Weight 125 g
Length 43 mm
Width 27 mm
Height 17 mm





















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