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Allard USA - ToeOFF (Standard)

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Tens of thousands of people around the world who suffer from footdrop as a side effect of stroke, multiple sclerosis, polio, spinal cord injury, or other neuromuscular deficits - now are able to walk further and with a closer to normal gait pattern – thanks to ToeOFF®. ToeOFF® uses the latest in technology to offer a thin, lightweight carbon and Kevlar reinforced dynamic response gait rehabilitation orthosis for management of footdrop and ankle instability. The name of ToeOFF® relates to the “push” user gets at toe off as the orthosis dynamically “unloads” stored energy to assist with propulsion. The open heel design allows the heel to perform its biomechanical role of shifting from eversion to inversion, allowing a closer to normal biomechanical chain reaction, reducing stress on the proximal joints. The anterior plate assists with knee extension at the mid-stance phase of gait. ToeOFF® is not only effective; it is also easy to use. Its lightweight, thinness, comfort, and easy application and removal are key factors for the exceptional patient compliance. ToeOFF® does require customization by a trained professional.




Gait Improvements


With a more natural and dynamic gait, the wearer is able to walk further with less stress on the other joints in the biomechanical chain.



The orthosis follows the lateral contours of the ankle to support the unstable ankle structures.




The orthosis should be individually fitted by cutting, grinding and adding required foot orthotics or padding.




The orthosis is extremely lightweight, which is of great importance to patients with neurological weakness of the leg muscles (from peroneal nerve paralysis of the leg, as seen for example in paraplegia).




The orthosis is thin, allowing its use in normal good support shoes without having to increase shoe size.




Absence of material at the back avoids contact with sensitive areas, such as the Achilles tendon, the heel and the malleoli.




The orthosis is easy to don and doff – just two straps attach the product to the leg. The sole of the orthosis should first be placed in the shoe, and then the orthosis and shoe applied simultaneously.


*ToeOFF® Clinical Manual


Please read the ToeOFF® Clinical Manual for further fitting instructions. The Clinical Manual is available on our web site as a PDF-file.


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