SmartSling (Product View)

SmartSling (Product View) SmartSling (Product View) SmartSling (Product View)




  • Immobilization for rotator cuff repairs.
  • Bankart repairs.
  • Capsular shifts.
  • Glenohumeral dislocations/subluxation.
  • Soft tissue repairs/strains.
  • Shoulder instabilities/injuries

Additional information:



In association with key industry opinion leaders, SmartSling was designed to fulfill three fundamental objectives: versatility, comfort, and ease of application.



Product Highlights


Dynamic, 3-in-1 design provides immobilization, abduction, and/or external rotation, resulting in reduced stocking and inventory management costs.


SoftEdge™ strapping, a breathable mesh base material and a gussetted, chamois-covered neck pad combine to increase patient comfort.


Quick-release buckles and trimmable, “no fray” strapping allow quick and customized fitting.


Only 3 sizes/parts to stock (product is right/left universal).


Low-profile, streamlined fit and contemporary, sporty look improve patient comfort and compliance.


Re-positionable thumb loops for improved fit and comfort.


Included, optional axilla pillow helps distribute weight over a larger surface area and decreases pressure on the ulnar nerve.

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