Highlander (Product View)

Highlander (Product Specs) Highlander (Product View)

Freedom Innovations



  • Proven technology for dependable performance.
  • Engineered for active amputees with long residual limbs.
  • Split toe design provides stability enhancing inversion and eversion.
  • Transfemural amputees favor this foot due to its ideal blend of stability
  • Exoskeletal configuration available upon request.
  • Heavy duty option is available for users weighing up to 500 lbs.

Additional information:

The Highlander provides active patients with long residual limbs an efficient and smooth gait, with excellent energy return. A split toe provides excellent inversion-eversion, allowing users to walk and run with confidence on uneven terrain. The Highlander can be used with exoskeletal systems or users weighing up to 500 lbs. As a result, amputees once limited to lower functioning products can now enjoy the benefits provided by a premium energy storage and return device so they can walk farther, faster, longer.

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