LP Symes (Product View)

LP Symes (Product Specs) LP Symes (Product View)

Freedom Innovations

LP Symes


  • Designed for the demanding needs of a Symes amputee.
  • Carbon fiber construction delivers energy return and durability.
  • Remarkably lightweight—averaging 295g.
  • Direct Lamination Cup allows for less than 2.1” of clearance.
  • Rated up to 365 lbs.

Additional information:

With clearances under two inches, the LP Symes Prosthetic Foot accommodates the build height requirements of Symes level amputees, while providing superior energy storage and return and a smooth and natural rollover. The LP Symes is an ideal component for K3/4 level amputees seeking a dynamic prosthetic foot component that is flexible and comfortable, yet also durable and capable of managing the considerable force generated by long residual limbs.


The product incorporates a direct lamination cup, which keeps the distal mass as light as possible, reducing amputee energy expenditure during the gait cycle. An enhanced material tie-in groove located on the direct lamination cup has been enlarged to improve the ease of socket connection and lamination.

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