Nitro Running Foot (Product View)

Nitro Running Foot (Product Specs) Nitro Running Foot (Product View)

Freedom Innovations

Nitro Running Foot


  • Custom foot module engineered for jogging and running
  • Proprietary, individually handcrafted carbon-epoxy lay-up techniques ensure optimal vertical displacement and energy return.
  • Endoskeletal attachment options facilitate adjustment and fabrication.
  • Compatibility with exoskeletal design reduces system weight.
  • Stiffness tailored to amputee weight and activity preferences.

Additional information:

The Nitro Running Foot is a custom foot module engineered specifically for jogging and distance running. Each c-shaped running blade is handcrafted using our proprietary carbon fiber layering technique to provide the ideal amount of spring needed to run comfortably. The Nitro Running Foot is customized to user weight and running experience to provide the appropriate balance between strength and flexibility for high impact activities. A tall profile design is available for adult users while the short profile design requires less build height for petite users and children. A male pyramid attachment simplifies the fitting process.

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