Plié MPC Knee (Product View)

Plié MPC Knee (Product Specs) Plié MPC Knee (Product View)

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  • A more responsive knee. A more fluid gait.

Additional information:

The new Plié™ MPC Knee is without doubt the quickest, most responsive microprocessor controlled knee available. Given this new level of nimbleness, no wonder it produces such a smooth, secure and natural gait - at any speed, angle or incline. This breakthrough results from an industry leading Actuator Response Time (A.R.T.), which uses advanced hydraulic engineering and optimized microprocessor programming to make constant, nearly instantaneous adjustments in response to changes in gait dynamics.


Simply stated, the device measures and reacts to gait dynamics in 1/10 the time it takes to blink your eye. That's why it provides incredibly precise response to gait dynamics as they occur rather than a step behind. The net result is an easier, more natural gait, so amputees can stop concentrating on stability and regain the freedom to enjoy the world around them. The Plie MPC Knee engenders greater confidence in amputees under a wider variety of conditions, including variable-speed walking, ascending or descending stairs and navigating ramps.


Greater stability. Superior smoothness. Nearly instantaneous response to changing gait dynamics. The Plié MPC Knee truly expands the potential of amputees and prosthetists alike.


Optimized microprocessor-controlled stance stability and next-generation hydraulic swing characteristics provide a truly natural and comfortable gait.


As the most responsive microprocessor knee available, the Plié knee captures data 1,000 times a second and reacts within ten milliseconds, providing nearly instantaneous response to changes in gait dynamics.


User adjustable stance resistance allows amputees to manually change from a free-swinging knee for bicycling to maximum resistance for working on an assembly line.


A lightweight, sleek design enhances confidence while also providing a lower build height for amputees with long residual limbs.


The water resistant design lets amputees do more and worry less Should the knee become wet, all that’s required is to rinse and air-dry.


A removable battery with an independent charger gives users the option of alternating a second battery while recharging the first.


Integrated Bluetooth.

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