Promenade (Product View)

Promenade (Product Specs) Promenade (Product View)

Freedom Innovations



  • Designed specifically for low impact amputees.

Additional information:

The Promenade™ is engineered to manage the unique gait dynamics of low impact ambulators including the diabetic & vascular amputee population. With an easily deflected toe - not too hard or too soft - the product returns energy without overpowering the less mobile amputee. Users will enjoy a more natural and efficient stride, allowing them to increase their daily activity.


Near effortless roll-over optimized for low impact amputees, so they can do more and feel better at the end of the day.


Partial split toe offers controlled inversion/eversion, providing users enhanced confidence for a variety of walking conditions.


Full length sole plate facilitates a smooth transition from heel strike all the way through toe off, providing a more fluid gait and increased comfort throughout
the day.


The 325lb. weight rating makes the product appropriate for a broader range of users compared to competitive alternatives.


Ale pyramid and only 5 stiffness categories simplify the fitting process, saving you time and money.


The 60 day trial period and 36 month warranty protect your investment and provide peace of mind over the duration of the product’s life.

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