Boston Digital Arm (Product View)

Boston Digital Arm (Product View)

Liberating Technologies, Inc.

Boston Digital Arm


  • Same reliable drive mechanism and motor as the Original Boston Elbow.
  • Automatic locking in any position, power to unlock, can be unlocked under load.
  • High strength/torque (10 ft-lbs) - three times that of competitive products.
  • Fast, completes a full cycle in 1.2 sec.
  • Free swing 45° (mechanical).
  • High-capacity battery, 1100 mAHr Ni-Cd.
  • Compatible with all manufactures hands/wrists.

Additional information:

Boston Digital™ Arm System


Liberating Technologies announces the new Boston Digital™ Arm System. As the name implies, this prosthesis has a microprocessor-based control system with state of the art components. The new system is actually a “platform” for controlling various upper-limb prosthetic devices such as hands, grippers, wrist rotators, and even shoulder joint actuators. It can control up to five devices and is compatible with virtually all manufacturer’s prosthetic components.


Although this system can be operated with a variety of input sensors, myoelectrodes are often preferred. These sensors detect small electrical signals from the surface of the skin over the user’s muscles to control the prostheses. This allows the user to control the direction, speed, strength and even select the prosthetic device being operated. Individual control strategies are stored in software and downloaded from a PC to a chip on the prosthesis. Client-specific adjustments are also made through this software.


The new Boston Digital™ Arm System uses the reliable drive mechanism from the original Boston Elbow which has served users for more than 15 years. This is still the worlds strongest prosthetic elbow and is the elbow of choice for people who intend to perform personal or work-related tasks requiring reasonable strength. The Boston Elbow has a long history of successful rehabilitation and has helped hundreds of people regain their independence and in some cases return to work. The new Boston Digital Arm will carry this tradition forward employing leading-edge technology in combination with proven mechanisms to further enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

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