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Thoraco-Lumbar Corset 

Thora-columbar corset
The thoraco-lumbar corset design provides intra-abdominal pressure biomechanically.  It achieves mild trunk stabilization and extends into the thoracic region of the spine.  Normally, shoulder straps are included to help resist forward flexion of the body.


Materials are varied and can be elastic with Velcro closures or canvas material with hook and eye or snap closures with medial and lateral strapping systems for tightening in various areas.  Normally, metal stays are placed posteriorly for additional support.




§          Strain or sprain of the back

§          Mild thoraco-lumbar trauma

§          Herniated nucleus pulposus

§          Compression fracture

§          Sciatica

§          Spinal stenosis

§          Spondylolisthesis

§          Spondylolysis

§          Spondylosis

§          Spondylitis

§          Disc degeneration

§          Arthritis

§          Osteoporosis

§          Spina bifida

§          Radiculopathy

§          Syringomyelia

§          Discitis

§          Vertebral Osteomyelitis

§          Degenerative Disk Disease




It is important to follow your physician’s instructions as to wearing protocol.  Normally, the brace is used when you are active and ambulating.




It is suggested to apply the corset while lying on your back with your knees flexed (bent).  The lower front edge of the garment should be just above the pubic bone.  Center the back with the metal stays evenly on each side of your spine. 


For the canvas design with side strapping system, beginning at the bottom, pull the side straps simultaneously, working from bottom up to top of the garment.  Bring axillary straps around the shoulders and secure.


For the elastic with Velcro closure, secure in same position with Velcro tightened anteriorly and straps around the shoulders and secured.


The garment should be kept as tight as tolerated to achieve maximum pain relief and support.




§          Remove metal stays and wash by hand with mild soap and water.  It is wise to label metal stays as to right and left and top and bottom.

§          Rinse thoroughly.

§          Canvas design should be line dried at room temperature.

§          Elastic design should dry flat on towel.




Wear a cotton shirt under the garment for additional protection and better hygiene.

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