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Finally, you may never have to put an AFO on a child for knee hyperextension again! 

The new SureStep h.e.k.o. is the next revolution from SureStep. The SureStep h.e.k.o. is a fully functional hyperextension orthosis for smaller pediatric patients. h.e.k.o. approaches hyperextension of the knee by limiting knee movement without limiting normal function. Controlling genu recurvatum has traditionally been addressed at the ankle; limiting plantarflexion. This in turn limits the development of normal gait and reduces the child’s ability to function naturally and keep up with his peers. 

(Custom Fabricated from measurements) 



• Focused: Localized control of genu recurvatum, genu varum, genu valgum 
• Lightweight: just over 4 oz. 
• Low Profile: Can easily be worn under existing clothing
• Simple: Easy on and easy off; not overwhelming for children or parents. 





• Full range of motion: from 0 degrees to 135 degrees 
• Functional: h.e.k.o. will not impede normal floor mobility and allows for normal 


Think function... Think h.e.k.o... 


The 4 axis “h.e.k.o. hinge” provides full range of motion while mimicking the anatomical movements of the knee. 


Our “h.e.k.o. hinge” was designed and fabricated exclusively for SureStep in cooperation with O.T.S. Corp. Thanks O.T.S.!! 

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