Otto Bock



  • Patented rotation hydraulics fine-tune the control of stance and swing phase
  • Eliminated transition time between the stance and swing phases
  • Dynamic, smooth gait pattern for a large range of speeds
  • 150° flexion angle
  • Knee height = 63 mm
  • Maximum part weight = 1190 g
  • Suitable for Otto Bock Mobility Grades 3 and 4*
  • Approved up to a maximum weight of up to 275 lbs / 125 kg

Additional information:

The 3R80’s rotary hydraulic responds to ground reaction forces during the stance phase of gait. This gives the user exceptional reliability and confidence to know that their knee will deliver stability when they need it. It utilizes a high hydraulic resistance to prevent involuntary flexion of the knee.


The 3R80’s rotary hydraulic principle is particularly advantageous on uneven surfaces, slopes and when walking down stairs. It creates a high level of stance phase control and boosts the confidence of the user.


•  Activity Level: K3, K4
•  Weight Limit: 275 lbs / 125 kg
•  Part Weight: 1190 g / 42 oz
•  Flexion Angle: 150°



Patient Indications


•  Activity = High impact activities, Variable cadence

•  The 3R80 is designed for very active users



Special Features


Revision to the hydraulic swing phase control creates a whole new experience for the user


The user needs considerably less effort to initiate flexion of the knee for swing phase than with the original model


*The Otto Bock MOBIS Mobility System is NOT intended to be used in the U.S. as a guide to obtaining reimbursement for prosthetic components.

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