E-MAG Control

E-MAG Control (In Use) E-MAG Control

Otto Bock

E-MAG Control


  • Electronically controlled orthosis joint system
  • Highest level of security through feedback function
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Supplied as a complete system
  • Can be used as a unilateral joint or with medial support for a higher weight limit

Additional information:

Give your patients greater stability and security with this electronically controlled locking knee joint! The locking/unlocking mechanism is controlled via a remote control to avoid accidentally unlocking the brace. The remote control can be integrated into a standard hand pad or also into an Otto Bock forearm crutch, allowing your patient to support him or herself with both arms at all times. Installation is simple and can be done without tools.



Feedback function for more security


Feedback functions have been integrated into the E-MAG's electronics to ensure maximum security when locking and unlocking the joint. The system provides feedback when locking and unlocking (vibration, sound and/or blinking light). As a result, your patient can rely on the orthosis with full confidence.


The joint is completely enclosed so that it will not snag on clothing. Unlike conventional locks, the E-MAG Control's lock is fully enclosed and is not affected by bumps, dirt or clothing. As a result, your patients will stay safe and secure everywhere they go, even in cramped indoor spaces, and will no longer have to wear a joint protector.



A Complete System


The E-MAG Control joint system is supplied as a complete system in a case. You can order the optional medial support joint, splints, or crutch as special accessories. The case contains the entire matched system including a charger, a battery, and the required fabrication dummies for installation in an orthosis.



Indication and Application


The E-MAG Control is for patients with post-traumatic conditions such as poliomyelitis, post polio syndrome, failure or weakness of knee extensors. The E-MAG is contraindicated in the presence of a knee flexion contraction which prevents the patient from extending the E-MAG Control joint in order to activate the lock. The patient must be able to extend the knee joint either while standing, with the help of a forefoot lever by means of a specific dorsal stop (which can be achieved using an adjustable ankle joint) or with forefoot support provided by a firm, long sole.


The E-MAG Control can be used as a unilateral joint (17B200) for a weight of up to 121 lbs / 55 kg. The joint can be paired with the medial support 17B05, which increases the weight limit to 187 lbs / 85 kg.

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