Unilateral Knee Joint

Unilateral Knee Joint (Close Up) Unilateral Knee Joint

Otto Bock

Unilateral Knee Joint


  • Application as freely movable joint
  • Quick and easy disengagement of the lock

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The unilateral knee joints, part of our well-known Unilateral Joint system, have been developed to work modularly. The modular design simplifies the fitting and maintenance of the joints and makes them more economical. All moveable components can be exchanged at any time, making it easy to meet the requirements of your patient.



The Unilateral Knee Joint can be installed in three separate configurations:


1. Joint with knee lever lock (Figure 1)
2. Joint with cable control lock (Figure 2)
3. Freely moveable joint positioned posterior to weight bearing line (Figure 3)


The joints are delivered with all three options. This allows you to try different options to determine the best function with the patient during the fitting session.


The position of the knee joints posterior to the weight bearing line offers two significant advantages:


• Application as freely moveable joint
• Quick and easy disengagement of the lock


The functional construction of the knee joint allows individual functions to be upgraded at any time.
The joints feature special plastic bearing bushings and do not require lubrication.
The moveable components are easily accessible and, if required, can be replaced at any time, making it easy to service the joint.


Because the design of the knee joint allows for straight lower leg bars, contoured calf bars are no longer needed.
Aluminum Unilateral System bars are available for the connection to the ankle bars as well as to the proximal extension of the device. The dimensions of the 17LS1=* extension bars are coordinated with the knee and ankle joints.


The system bars are delivered in a 100 cm length and are available in sizes =1, =2 and =3.

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