Derma Seal Residual Limb Socks

Derma Seal Residual Limb Socks

Otto Bock

Derma Seal Residual Limb Socks


  • Ideally suited for lower limb amputees
  • Reduces friction, pressure, and skin stress
  • Increases comfort
  • Coated with a special polymer gel
  • Medical mineral oil keeps the skin pliable

Additional information:

The Derma Seal Residual Limb Socks are ideally suited for lower limb amputees. The socks are coated with a special polymer gel, and due to its viscose properties, friction, pressure, and stress on the skin and the resulting pain and irritation are reduced.



Flexible and Tough


The polymer gel used in our socks contains a medical mineral oil to help promote healthy skin. In addition, Derma Seal Residual Limb Socks are also designed for durability and comfort with CoolMax® fabric.


The Derma Seal 453D7 helps reduce friction, impact and pressure. The Derma Seal Forte 453D4 is well-suited for active amputees.


Solutions for Active and Partial Foot Amputees
For highly active people or those with bony residual limbs, the Derma Seal Double Forte 453D5 is the answer. For even more comfort and durability, the polymer gel is enclosed between two layers of CoolMax® fabric. We also offer the Derma Seal Trans Ped 453D2 for Lisfranc and Chopart partial foot amputation levels. This sock is knitted without seams and consists of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent Lycra® Spandex. The distal area has an interior coating of polymer gel to provide targeted protection.


The special Derma skin care system delivers extra skin care and protection. The products protect and care for severely stressed skin while helping to regenerate the skin’s natural protective functions.


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Otto Bock - Derma Seal Residual Limb Socks
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