Innovator DLX (Product View)

Innovator DLX (Product Close Up) Innovator DLX (Product Close Up) Innovator DLX (Product Close Up)
Innovator DLX (Product View)


Innovator DLX


Additional information:

Innovator DLX


Product Highlights


One-Touch hinge: simply press, rotate and release flexion/extension settings.


Wide variety of choices: 10 flexion settings and 8 extension settings.


One-Touch drop lock feature.


One-Touch lever for easy length adjustment.


Slide-to-size struts allow for easy length adjustments from 17" to 28".


Thigh circumferences up to 35”.


Superior durability.


Gastroc strap limits migration.


Available in cool and full softgood versions.


Superior aesthetics.


The best multifunctional post-op brace available today.


Utilizing an industry-leading hinge, this brace offers quick One-Touch adjustments of ROM, strut length, and drop lock.



Post-op/post-injury ROM control or immobilization.


The Innovator DLX post-op knee brace is indicated for ligament and fracture-related surgeries and when controlled range of motion is necessary.

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