Miami JTO (Product View)

Miami JTO (Product View)


Miami JTO Extension


  • Upper & Lower C-Spine disruptions.
  • One level instabilities.
  • Spinous Process fracture.
  • Stable Jefferson or Hangman’s Fracture.
  • Type I Odontoid.
  • Degenerative disorders.
  • Immobilization after trauma/surgery.
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis

Additional information:

Miami JTO® Extension

The Miami JTO® Thoracic Extension is a versatile, tool-free device with a patented chin strut that enables easy combination with any Miami J Collar to create a CTO, as well as easy removal at later stages of rehab when only a collar is needed.


Product Highlights

Non-conductive, the Miami JTO is both x-ray and MR-safe.

Patented Floating Back eliminates the Parallelogram Effect, maintaining proper patient alignment, whether sitting, standing, or lying down.

Easily snaps on and off without any tools.

Patented chin strut attaches easily to the Miami J Collar, eliminating the need for bars and metal uprights.

Uncomplicated, easy-to-use design extends the benefits of the Miami J by allowing users to step up to a CTO or step down to a collar.

Compatible with all Miami J Collar sizes, offering unequaled, one-size versatility.

No metal parts, for a non-conductive, x-ray and MR-safe product.

Skin-friendly Sorbatex™ technology.

Suitable for waist circumference larger than 60 cm.


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