Unloader One OTS (Product View)

Unloader One OTS (Product View) Unloader One OTS (Product View) Unloader One OTS (Product View)
Unloader One OTS (Product View)


Unloader One OTS


  • Mild to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis (OA).
  • Unicompartmental knee conditions requiring load reduction.
  • Thigh circumferences of 13.5" (34.3cm) to 29" (73.5cm) and calf circumferences of 9.8" (25cm) to 24" (61.5cm).
  • All activity levels, non contact.

Additional information:

Unloader One® OTS


The best new osteoarthritis (OA) bracing technology is available off-the-shelf.


The flexible, perforated shells conform easily to individual anatomy, giving Unloader One OTS an excellent out-of-the-box fit. This brace combines a streamlined, flexible upright with Dual Dynamic Force Straps to generate more unloading leverage than any Unloader to date. Quick fit buckles and breathable liners help ensure better patient compliance.



Product Highlights


Dual Dynamic Force Straps increase unloading capabilities and prevent rotation of the brace on the leg.


Tool-free, racheting Dynamic Force Control System enables self-dosing for easier pain management.


Quick Fit Buckles with leverage arms enable easy application and removal without the need for cumbersome strap adjustment.


Breathable liners featuring Össur Sensil® Silicone Technology on an Aerospacer base material eliminate migration.


Flexible, low-profile, hinged upright contours to individual anatomy and allows use underneath clothing.


Quick Connect Strapping for tool-free removal and replacement.


Lightweight frame is perforated for flexibility and ventilation.

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