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Accent (Product View) Accent (Product View) Accent (Product View)
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Accent (Product View)

College Park



  • User-adjustable heel height with a 2-inch range.
  • Dynamic Pylon and Integrated Pyramid options.
  • Multi-axial with rotation for stability and function.
  • Ankle Fairing provides superior cosmetic finishing.
  • Sandal toe allows shoe of choice.
  • Precision gait matched for out-of-the-box performance.

Additional information:

Adjustability to Accent your LifeTM


IMPACT LEVEL: Low to Moderate


The Accent Foot provides a service-free option for individuals who desire a cosmetically appealing foot with an easy-to-adjust heel height to fit their daily needs. This dynamic response foot incorporates transverse rotation and inversion-eversion for an array of low to moderate activities.





Integrated without a sock, the Accent’s sandal-toe Foot Shell is reinforced with Impact Dispersion Technology™. The Ankle Fairing interlocks with the Foot Shell and conforms to both Endo and Dynamic Pylons. The Foot Shell and Ankle Fairing are anatomically designed for use with a skin to produce a natural-like finish.

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