Soleus (Product View)

Soleus (Product View) Soleus (Gait Matching) Soleus (Action View)
Soleus (Produc Specs) Soleus (Product View)

College Park



  • Synchronized Springs for a Smooth Transition.
  • Multiple spring elements work as one to provide a seamless
  • Polycentric ankle design provides superior stance phase control.
  • Vertical shock absorption accommodates high impact activities.
  • Highly dynamic springs provide multi-axial terrain compliance.

Additional information:

For Moderate to Hight Impact Levels


The patented Soleus™ foot integrates multiple composite springs through a tough, flexible plantar ligament. This unique design produces a superior quality range of motion while also returning high levels of energy. Providing a very smooth transition between heel strike and toe-off, the Soleus™ offers stability and unsurpassed comfort.





College Park offers Foot Shells in Caucasian and Brown. To match the high tech look of today’s carbon fiber sockets, we also offer Jet Black.

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