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Trustep (Product View)

College Park



  • Highly evolved design.
  • Mutli-axial with rotation for maximal terrain compliance.
  • Highly customizable for optimal function.
  • Industry-leading durability with weight limit, up to 352 lbs.
  • Superior range of motion for a natural gait.
  • Worry-free warranty, up to three years.

Additional information:

IMPACT LEVEL: Moderate to High


The College Park TruStep Foot combines virtually the same vertical motion, rotation and stability as in the anatomical foot. With a full range of options available, TruStep's versatile design allows complete customization, resulting in a natural gait pattern and unsurpassed comfort.





TruStep’s patented Sealing Boot interlocks with the Foot Shell, keeping debris away from the Foot.


Available in Caucasian, Brown or Jet-Black, TruStep’s Foot Shell is anatomically designed and reinforced with Impact Dispersion Technology™.

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