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Venture (Prodcut Close Up) Venture (Prodcut View) Venture (Prodcut Specs)
Venture (Product View) Venture (Product View)

College Park



  • Full-length toe lever with significant energy return.
  • Multi-axial with rotation for maximal terrain compliance.
  • Customizable for optimal function.
  • Adjustable Stride Control to fine-tune foot stiffness from heel-strike to toe-off.
  • Easily accommodates moderate to high impact transitions.
  • Scaled design for improved cosmetic appearance.
  • Worry-free, three-year warranty.

Additional information:

The Ultimate Fusion of Power and Agility™


IMPACT LEVEL: Moderate to High


The College Park Venture Foot transitions with you…from the gym to the office, or the trail to the pavement. The solution is finally here for the demanding lifestyle. The Venture is a paragon of precise engineering that generates performance to suit your dynamic lifestyle - without sacrificing comfort.



Adjustable Stride Control


The Stride Control feature allows customization and fine-tuning of an individual’s gait without the need to change soft components. Located on the back of the Foreheel, it determines preload on the bumpers. Stride Control can be conveniently adjusted, from the top or the side, to increase or decrease plantar and dorsiflexion resistance.





Venture’s patented Sealing Boot interlocks with the Foot Shell, keeping debris away from the Foot. Available in Caucasian, Brown or Jet-Black Venture’s Foot Shell is anatomically designed and reinforced with Impact Dispersion Technology™.

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