Fusion Power Knee (Product View)

Fusion Power Knee (Product View)


Fusion Power Knee


  • Fusion Power Knee weighs 1,382 g (3 lb).
  • Provides 140° of flexion.
  • 100 kg (220 lb) weight limit.

Additional information:

Fusion Power Knee


The rotary hydraulic stance module applies the appropriate amount of stance control to the appropriate gait phase and is adjustable to provide proportional response for each unique Fusion Power Knee user.


Realize step over step stair descent and down slope walking with adjustable stance yielding.


Battery life: 2,000,000 cylcles or approximately 2 years depending on usage, with no recharging required.


Overall dimension in extension: 248 mm (9.7”) from the distal end of the frame to the main axis of knee rotation; and 48 mm (2”) from the main axis to the top of the pyramid.


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