Mauch Knee (Product View)

Mauch Knee (Product View)


Mauch Knee


  • The cylinder attachment delivers a lower tolerance environment
  • Interest in advanced performance functions, i.e. natural stair and ramp descent, running and/or cycling
  • Extension stop on the frame increases durability and provides a more secure motion
  • Spherical bearing eliminates torsinal and lateral loads on the cylinder
  • A sleek look made of lightweight aluminum is easy to fit and cosmetically finish
  • Removable covers make the mechanics easy to reach
  • Moderate to sport impact levels
  • Weight limit: 300lbs / 136kg
  • Can perceive and actively control knee stability under changing conditions
  • Ability or potential to walk at varying speeds

Additional information:

Mauch® Knee


The Mauch Knee has always been a solid performer. But now with improved stability, new materials and a sleek new look, it's outperforming and outlasting its predecessor. Don't be fooled by the sophisticated profile, with the extension stop, lightweight aluminum construction and enhanced spherical bearings, the Mauch Knee is capable of withstanding the most unpredictable conditions.

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