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Pull Over


Additional information:

(Custom Fabricated from cast mold with measurements)


• Dynamic stability for the foot and ankle
• Utilizes the concept of compression to manage the foot and ankle without over managing
• Dorsiflexion assist facilitates clearance during swing phase and deceleration upon heel strike
• Removable proximal strut allows this unique device to be used as an AFO or SMO interchangeably
• Can be ordered with full footplate or a shortened SureStep style footplate


The SureStep PullOver is a completely unique AFO. It is the first custom AFO that can be used as a freely articulated AFO or as an SMO simply by removing the proximal strut. This convertible device allows children to develop balance reactions and strength while wearing the SureStep SMOs, and still gives the option of adding the proximal strut for increased stability and assistance with ambulation.


Another unique feature when comparing the PullOver to a traditional articulated AFO with a plantarflexion stop is the ability of the plantarflexors to remain active throughout the gait cycle. This encourages improved strength, motor planning and muscle strategies while reducing the effects of disuse atrophy.





Medial/Lateral instabilites
Dorsiflexor weakness
Plantarflexor weakness
Unstable standing





High Muscle Tone

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