1E44 Journey

1E44 Journey (Spec View) 1E44 Journey

Otto Bock



  • Motion-sphere joint provides excellent terrain conformance
  • Separate heel plate for smooth performance
  • Carbon fiber material delivers lightweight package with energy return
  • Maintenance-free design

Additional information:

The Journey is skillfully engineered for controlled multi-axial movement along with smooth performance with the separate foot plate. It’s designed to help your patients achieve smooth, natural gait characteristics whether they are chasing grandchildren, playing 18 holes of golf or hiking across uneven terrain.





The 1E44 incorporates a motion-sphere joint surrounded by urethane to deliver excellent terrain conformance. Manufactured with a carbon fiber foot plate, the Journey delivers a very comfortable heel strike and smooth transition to mid-stance. The lightweight material also provides good energy.



 Patient Indications


This foot is suitable for a wide variety of patients including those who meet Mobility Grades 3 and 4* in the Otto Bock MOBIS® Mobility System.





36 months. Please refer to the Instructions for Use accompanying the product for complete information.


*The Otto Bock MOBIS Mobility System is NOT intended to be used in the U.S. as a guide to obtaining reimbursement for prosthetic components.


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