SensorHand Speed (In Action)

SensorHand Speed (In Action)

Otto Bock

SensorHand SPEED


Additional information:

With a dizzying 300 mm per second opening/closing speed, (over twice as fast as before) and enhanced EMG signal processing, the new “SensorHand™ Speed” has unmatched performance. In addition, our unique AutoGrasp feature prevents held objects from slipping by recognizing when an object begins to slip and automatically increasing the grip force as needed. SensorHand™ Speed also allows you to use one or two input devices and to select from various control options.



The Best Hand in the World Just Got Better


Faster! Proportional speed from 15-300 mm/second. Twice the speed of other myoelectric hands (standard hands run at approximately 130 mm/second). Enhanced EMG signal processing and improved software make the SPEED even more responsive to user's signals. Experienced users say they can't 'outcontract' the hand.


The SensorHand Speed has a high user acceptance rate because it's quicker to open, to change between opening and closing, and to accumulate grip force.


The AutoGrasp feature allows the wearer to simply hold an object and avoid wasting energy on monitoring whether the item is slipping or not. AutoGrasp can even be turned off when not needed.


The standard slip-clutch allows the wearer to release hand quickly in an emergency.


Improved design along with a new microprocessor and advanced software make the SPEED faster and quieter without having to use possibly damaging higher voltage batteries.


Increased opening power is designed to overcome any resistance from stiff gloves and handshells.


Effective at lower temperatures: the SensorHand SPEED works normally in temperatures as low as -4°F/-20° C.



Technical Data


8E39=8 SensorHand™ SPEED - With Lamination Ring
8E38=8 SensorHand™ SPEED - With Quick Disconnect Wrist • Voltage 6/7.2 V


•  Opening Width 100 mm (4 in.)
•  Proportional Speed 15-300 mm/second
•  Proportional Grip Force 0-100 N
•  Weight (Inner Hand) 460 g (16.2 oz.)
•  Size Left and Right, in 7 1/4, 7 3/4, 8 1/4
•  Power Source Otto Bock EnergyPack 757B20/757B21
•  Otto Bock X-ChangePack® 757B15

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