Otto Bock



  • Innovative miniature hydraulic system for dynamic movement resistance
  • Small and lightweight
  • Gentle extension stop
  • Easy adjustment options
  • 135° flexion angle for 3R95; 155° flexion angle for 3R95 =1
  • Knee height = 40 mm
  • Maximum part weight for 3R95 is 360 g; maximum part weight for 3R95 =1 is 340 g
  • Suitable for Otto Bock Mobility Grades 3 and 4*

Additional information:

The compact and dynamic single-axis modular knee joints 3R95 and 3R95=1 are more than a lightweight option. Their low-profile design makes them a perfect option for patients who wear a cosmetic cover and are sensitive to appearance.


The novel miniature hydraulic system is the key, creating dynamic movement resistance while supporting the needs of an active user. Swing phase is easy to initiate, which reduces energy expenditure. At high walking speeds, the degree of flexion is automatically reduced. Stance phase is secured by posterior placement of the joint and active control by the user.



Easy Adjustment


The two modular knee joints 3R95 and 3R95=1 have separate adjustments to fine-tune flexion and extension resistance to precisely control swing phase.


The design of the hydraulic linkage geometry carries powerful resistance even with a high degree of flexion. Optimized terminal dampening ensures a soft transition to the flexible stop, so that you can set the extension resistance to a low value without being counterproductive.



3R95 and 3R95=1


The 3R95 with a knee flexion angle of 135° is suitable for patients who weigh up to 330 pounds / 150 kilograms.
The 3R95=1 offers a knee flexion angle of 155° and is for users who weigh less than 165 pounds / 75 kilograms.


The strengths of the 3R95 are especially noticeable when it is combined with dynamic prosthetic feet.


*The Otto Bock MOBIS Mobility System is NOT intended to be used in the U.S. as a guide to obtaining reimbursement for prosthetic components.

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